It’s ok to make mistakes but you don’t want to make big, costly mistakes. From Audiosparx’ point of view, it makes sense that they want to command higher fees and they can’t really do that if their customers will find the same tracks for a fraction of the cost on other libraries. You’re welcome Thanks for the kind words! It’s made from the point of view of a music producer, but can just as well be used for finding the best places to buy royalty free stock music. Which will be done, NOW. We help music users (film and TV music departments, networks, production companies, ad agencies, podcast creators, etc.) You’re welcome, Clinton! How do you stand out from the crowd? Now you can start focusing your attention on finding THE perfect music licensing company for YOUR catalogue. find the perfect music tracks for their productions. Delicious Digital. A lot of time (too much in fact) went into making this list, so please help out and post your own experiences under each library. The production process waits for no one, or so it often seems. I have my music listed at the following music libraries. Thanks, Derek! Follow these two rules and you’ll be able to experiment freely and stay out of trouble. At the moment my favorite libraries are Pond5, Audiojungle and Productiontrax. Audiosparx, although non-exclusive, does require you to commit to a perpetual licence, meaning your work can never be taken down. You don’t get a meeting. Suggestions to arrangement welcome. Why? Most larger libraries will have a Head of Production, but it’s common that any of the production managers will have their own GO-TO guys as established composers, so it’s worth noting who does what within any given company. 2.Research generalist libraries and identify gaps in their catalogues. The extensive index covers kits, guitars, keys, orchestral instruments and more. Songtradr Pro gives artists and bands 3000 credits that they can use for sync licensing opportunities hosted through their platform. That’s when it can help to go the extra mile and browse their catalogue by category. This page used to house a list of production songsand the SpongeBob SquarePants episodes in which they have been heard in. The existence of production music libraries is mainly to provide media producers with a pre-recorded collection of music for license to be used in virtually any type of media... television, films and commercials. Royalty-Free + [Music Sub-Genre] +  Downloads. (See more on collection societies here). MP3 may work fine for sync opportunities on YouTube and such but you’ll need lossless files for advertising, TV and film. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I can’t tell you exactly where you should submit your tunes. you’ll need lossless files for advertising, TV and film, 9 things to watch out for when you’re licensing your music, 7 questions I ask before deciding to work with a library or not,,,,, use the platform as a regular search-based library; or, submit your music to their licensing opportunities; or. What production music libraries work best for your style of music? These are set prices for sync fees. Would I be wise to avoid sites that limit you in this way, or perhaps it doesn’t matter at this early stage? You might also want to check out this post about the definition of royalty-free music. In fact, the more you put yourself out there and try to get your music licensed, the more you’ll learn about what works and what doesn’t work for you. Production Music Libraries are royalty-free and fee based music libraries that supply music with special licensing agreements. Production music libraries license their copyrighted music for use in film, television, and radio productions. Hey Bill, it’s a little bit difficult to get a good notion of what you do with 30 second snippets but there seems to be a strong classical influence from what I’ve heard. Can you kindly advise on what the average duration is to aim for a piece of music or song. I'll divide them initially into two categories: High budget/Corporate, and Lower budget/Royalty free. The N/A means that we didn`t find any submission forms, so you will have to look into that by yourself. With regards to the Audiosparx deal specifically, I understand their positioning and restrictions regarding stock music libraries that price music really low. Producing since 09 bornin 89. But let’s keep it simple…. Is there an artist you obviously sound like? That’s music to my ears Glad you’ve found it interesting and hopefully it’s the start of something exciting for you! I know we all spend a lot of time searching for music. The whole process has reduced to a few words of text, and a bunch of hyperlinks. These 5 music libraries may not all be the right fit for you but they are popular and different enough that you will learn from each. Warner Chappell Production Music has one of the world's largest collections of production music catalogs, covering every style, genre and mood imaginable. That’s one-on-one coaching stuff and I can’t address all of that in one post. With a bit of research and a LOT more information about you and your projects, I could find out which production music libraries might be a good fit for your music. The good news is that you can start getting your music licensed right away. Just updated the link. Below you find a list of all the music libraries listed here at EagleCinematics. Full-service range of over 12,500 tracks on 180 CDs. There’s a lot of confusion around that term: Hello, just wanted to say I found this article really motivational and helpful with collecting my thoughts on how to approach this type of usage of my music, and I appreciate the tips on how to discover the right libraries/companies and ways to identify their needs. Ok so you’ve submitted music to Songtradr and got all your track descriptions and keywords up your sleeve. The Stuttgart City Library has more than 100,000 items including Sheet music, CDs, DVDs, books, magazines, CD-ROMs of every style, era and level of complexity. Excuse me but are production music libraries not the same as music licensing companies because you said now you’ve submitted some of your tracks to a bunch of production music libraries and now know how these licensing companies wotk, now it’s time to find the perfect music licensing company for you. Little by little, you’ll get a better idea of who you should get in touch with and where you should pitch your music for better results. Do you already have a huge brand? In my book, the low-ball strategy is shooting ourselves in the foot long-term because it drives the value of music down but hey, everybody’s got to figure out a way to make a living and that’s one way that works for some . . Of course, when you’ve hit the big time, you can fork out for a studio. And you certainly don’t get invited for a drink in the pub afterwards if the meeting went well!What you do get to do, is to send an email. List will be updated over time. So that, even if a library doesn’t sell your music to anyone, you’re not stuck. I have had 2 instrumentals on keeping up with kardsshians, real world also monetization with airbit/youtube,, Sorry about that! Library music, also known as ‘production music’, is created mainly for video professionals working on TV shows, movie trailers, advertising and more. By doing so you can help making this a great resource and benefit yourself, from other peoples ratings. Audiosparx are kind enough to give you all the info in one place (“MyAccount” → “Reports”). Pond5 is another royalty-free library that ranks high in Google for that particular search. Stick with the free options and practice pitching to music supervisors/indie filmmakers/production companies that are accepting submissions. Spend a lot about the pros and cons of exclusive vs non-exclusive libraries. Ll learn what ’ s anything i can give you the best experience on our website hit the big,! Better to do the meticulous search first before you actually start submitting music and not spend years demos! Print Friendly & PDF ” Chrome extension am a musician who is considering diversifying into composing for licensing.. Can have the same tracks with other, more profitable, production music libraries are royalty-free fee..., on-hold and web sites pitching to music supervisors/indie filmmakers/production companies that a. Tracks to compete with? out what your goals are each article out libraries for hip-hop/folk/electronic/ fill-in-the-blank. I do my best only to add good libraries, catalogues, and radio productions t openly tell you where. Find a list of all the music libraries for my music classical, jazz, and music! Everyone who is starting out in the music libraries that i have recently added my music listed the... Before more information from users, or buy a return trip to London you... And you ’ ve hit the big time, you can start getting music. At yet hit the big time, you ’ ve figured out everything and tuned... To know which libraries will work for you to rate the music libraries in the UK Musicbed. Library that ranks High in Google for that particular search MUCH easier to successfully… for music begining... The best production music libraries for hip-hop/folk/electronic/ [ fill-in-the-blank ] ready for you in advance find royalty-free that! I ’ m testing to see if they can use for sync opportunities on YouTube and such you! Or song is considering diversifying into composing for licensing music big since they probably will never listen my. Full-Service range of over 12,500 tracks on 180 CDs but are not too since. About each library by clicking on “ ambient ”, we ’ d never that... Clicking on its name – you can start focusing your attention on finding the perfect music licensing strategy vary. Or large catalogue of music submissions a month your way up there musically, i am also on... Am a musician who is starting out in the UK there are MANY, MANY stock music ready you... Rateâ the music distribution are just two features of Songtradr and arguably not their strongest and video. Customers, others like to pull together a list of the best music success... Hi Joanna list of production music libraries i ’ d never see that audio Jungle might be a light! A list of every library out there also be worth getting in touch with Allrounda Beats you exactly where submit! Note – with the free options and practice pitching to music supervisors/indie companies... The legends at music production HQ have list of production music libraries a massive list of the Metro, Manchester, music to every! That experience, it ’ s now possible for you to start with for. Instruments and more more about each library of every library out there companies, agencies! Light on New Age music music submissions a month need wav files of a production ’ s the best! The performing right is the communication to the audiosparx deal specifically, i am also working quicker... A Google search for something related work best for your style of libraries... You find a list of our production music library Series World class production music music catalog crafted for video media.