Turning Knee Scooter. 4.2 out of 5 stars 13. 2. Maintenance – Adjust Brake Tension Page 4 using the hand brake adjusting pad height Do not use the Knee Walker if the brake system is not To adjust the pad height loosen locking lever under pad working properly. You can turn freely left and right and you can also tilt the handle tube to place at an angle for comfort. (shown in step 5 of assembly), and then remove lock- The Knee Walker’s brake is similar to a bicycle and ing pin (shown in step 4 of assembly). Most knee walkers have handlebars or another way to steer. KneeRover® Comparison The KneeRover ® brand offers 13 unique knee walker solutions designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users. • Use proper riding posture. NOTE: Parts diagram updated. Often, their knee hurts from using the knee scooter. And remember it may be called a knee scooter by some but it's a knee walker, it is meant to replace your injured foot or ankle leg for walking purposes. Identify Part Needed from the PARTS DIAGRAM. $22.99 $ 22. Parts List - Drive 790 DV8 Knee Walker Scooter. go down a slope, you drag the so-called brakes a little bit and they'll do just fine. How to Use the Swivelmate Knee Scooter Brakes. It has a set of fully maneuverable front wheels with a dual braking system that allows for greater mobility and safety. What are Knee Walkers (aka Knee Scooters) Knee walkers are basically a rolling, padded stepstool that allows the patient to rest their knee while walking. But yes on average the wheel locks on so many knee scooters really do suck. Drive Medical Dual Pad Knee Walker with Basket. Most even come with brakes. The comparison table below, which includes several of our products, can help you find the KneeRover ® products that are the best fit for you. Those are wheel locks, not brakes. How to make your knee scooter more comfortable In this article, we will cover these 7 fixes: • Choose the proper model. The steerable knee scooter we offer comes standard with a handlebar to control the steering of the device. SOME item numbers may not match menu. Knee walker can be steered for increased maneuverability Ideal for individuals recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputation and ulcers of the foot Deluxe dual-braking system • Set correct knee pad orientation. Almost always, making simple adjustments resolves the issue. Due to production issues, most parts for the 790 knee scooter are on an extended backorder. These walker parts fit Drive 790 - DV8 Knee Walker TO ORDER: 1. ... use with a person in place on the scooter. The 790 knee scooter has been discontinued. Knee Platform Height Adjustment Adjust the knee platform from the right to the left side (or vice versa) by unscrewing the large round knob under the platform ... it may be necessary to make an additional adjustment where the brake cable is attached to the brake show. 99 ($22.99/Count) FREE Shipping. Having dual brakes is convenient for instances where you need one hand free while holding onto the knee scooter … There currently is no expected date on the knee post. ... KneeRover® Knee Scooter Brake Handle Replacement Part with Locking Parking Brake Feature. Free Shipping by Amazon. Edd Siu March 16, 2020 The Swivelmate is one of the few knee scooter models with dual brakes that has an easy-lock parking mechanism. Some also have baskets in which to carry items for the user. Product recommendations are based on your height, knee to floor distance, weight, and intended usage. 1-16 of 220 results for "drive knee scooter parts" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. Parts will be made available, per Drive Medical. Drive parts are not interchangeable with other brands. As far as comfort goes, the Drive Medical Knee Scooter offers a two-piece knee pad for extra relief during your recovery. Verify Model (Item) Number on your Rolling Walker.