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Hey Superstar! I am Chanel, and like many of you I am a working Mom with a crazy-busy life. Not to mention I have a slight addiction to Scandal and all things Shonda Rhimes (#TGIT)!

​Have you ever looked on Pinterest and said “I want it! I gotta, gotta have it!” only to stop and say, “Wait, how am I going to do that?” Have no fear Chanel is here! One of my favorite things is to see what inspires you and turn it into a reality.   Whether it’s coordinating the perfect outfits, or finding the perfect location, all the way to how you want to hang your prints on the wall… as Olivia Pope says, “It’s Handled.” ​


I also love to paint my toe nails; and when I have free time you can find me in a Zumba class shakin' it up! But, nothing is more important to me than family.  My favorite little people in the whole wide world are Jaylen and Audrey. While we love to take #usies for SnapChat, I pull out my Nikon every chance I get hoping to photograph every adorable little detail of their lives.  ​



My passion for photography started with my family, and I want to share it with yours.  I am here to give you pictures that will remind you how much you LOVE your daughters chubby cheeks, your husbands crooked smile, and your teenagers quirky attitude.   

So call me. We'll plan your session, we'll have a great time, and you'll love your pictures!


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